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Say goodbye to manual parking enforcement and hello to a smarter, more efficient system with our automatic AI-based parking enforcement platform. With features like ticket by mail, centralized remote enforcement, and loading zone enforcement, our platform has everything you need to manage parking in your city






Our AI parking enforcement platform uses BI statistics to track occupancy, turnover, dwell times, and safety violations. Our customizable dashboard provides actionable insights for optimized parking capacity and improved parking experiences.


With our state-of-the-art computer vision pipeline, you can effortlessly monitor availability and compliance in real-time with unparalleled accuracy and precision.


Our rapid and precise computer vision processing examines parking activity by detecting vehicles, parking occupancy, and vehicle specifics.


Leverage our personalized dashboard to monitor crucial metrics, such as peak occupancy, turnover, dwell times, safety violations, and a range of other vital parameters.

  • In any area that requires monitoring of a present vehicle and its payment status, or a restricted parking zone, such as street parking, loading zones, surface parking lots and garages, airport pick-up, and rideshare locations.

  • Real-time enforcement of payment and hourly restricted parking zones, post-parking enforcement with Ticket-by-Mail, loading zones, and curbside passenger pickup or drop-off.    

  • WiseSight utilizes a unique Signature-Based object tracking and license plate recognition (LPR) protocol.  The system will simultaneously process multiple video streams and images and use a sophisticated AI engine to analyze all the data and provide a single result of whether a vehicle paid for parking or committed a violation that occurs in real-time or in the past.  


    WiseSight has created a seamless software integration with major enforcement software platforms.  The integration provides the necessary data to perform enforcement tasks efficiently both on-site and remotely.

  • Our hardware can be installed anywhere from poles to buildings. Ideally, we prefer to install the cameras on poles that are aligned with the parking spots.

  • WiseSight is a turnkey solution and will happily provide all necessary equipment including the cameras for monitoring.  Our typical installation can include various Hi-Res imaging technologies such as Motorized, Static, and Panoramic cameras including LPR (license plate recognition).  This ensures full coverage of the desired area. We can customize the number and type of cameras to best fit your needs and budget.

  • Yes.  In most US Solar Zones, cameras can be installed for 24/7 operation but the solar panel size will vary based on the site’s geographical location.  To prevent intermittent power in a solar deployment regardless of the site location, WiseSight does not use cameras with built-in solar panels, as they may not perform for continued operation in every solar zone. 


    For Solar based systems, we will define the required solution based on the geographical site location, provide the solar setup, and implement it as part of the overall installation.  The only requirement for power is to provide a single connection at the Local Head-end equipment location.    


    In Infrastructure-less sites - all communication uses are via an RF long-range wireless network.

  • WiseSight has locally trained and licensed professionals that will perform an on-site survey, install equipment, test the system, and work closely with the customer during the system implementation. At times, in certain locations and based on the scope of work, local contractors may perform the system installation with WiseSight supervision.  

    Should the customer like to install the system on their own – WiseSight will support and provide guidance to the customer-contractor during the installation process.  In either case, WiseSight will help to make the installation as smooth as possible.

  • WiseSight has local service representatives across the country. Based on the customer plan, we provide on-site service or ship replacement equipment to the customer site.

  • Our priority is to make sure you, our customer, have the tools and knowledge to operate the software seamlessly.  To do this we offer 24/7 system support, conduct end-user training on the system and provide ongoing support for the software.  If a customized support plan is required, our team of professionals can tailor a plan to fit your needs.

  • Our clients include (but are not limited to): Private operators, Municipal Departments, Self-Managed Parking, and Enforcement Operators

  • The system is implemented in multiple US and European sites including Israel.

  • The system price is based on a single monthly payment subscription that includes the software platform, hardware, installation, and service.   The monthly price varies based on the monitored section size and the enforcement modules you would like to include with the systems.  Our technical sales team and your local account manager will work with you to determine the best solution and configuration to fit your needs and budget.

  • We are a team of people passionate about the world of parking and delivering an easy-to-use and comprehensive system for parking management.  

    Founded by 5 optoelectronic engineers who built sophisticated systems based on image processing for the defense industry. We were fed up with parking tickets and the even more frustrating payment methods. We decided to take this to the next level and develop a new system that will make the whole process of parking completely carefree for the parking operator and end-user.


WiseSight’s management platform is integrated with various enforcement and payment platforms to create the necessary tools and data for the enforcement agency.

The imaging system supports infrastructure-less operation, powered by a solar panel, along with cellular network connectivity.

WiseSight’s computer vision utilizes a unique Signature-Based object tracking technology and constantly scans the monitored parking area. The system will simultaneously process multiple video streams and images which are designed to capture every small detail of the vehicle, starting from the license plate (LPR), shape and color, unique identifiers such as sunroof and rims, dents, scratches, and even dirt. This data is combined and analyzed by a local processing unit, creating a unique identifier of the vehicle’s captured image. 


Once the vehicle identifier is created, any other imaging systems installed throughout the monitored zone will stream their own vehicle-captured imaging data to a centralized processing AI platform.  The centralized AI Engine uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze all captures and creates a single trackable event of the vehicle movement session throughout the monitored area, whether it’s a surface lot or street curbside parking.


As the system becomes operational and live feeds are streamed to the management platform, the captured data is used to monitor payment and parking compliance for the various space types such as - Hourly, Daily, Permit, Handicap-accessible, and other space-specific restrictions.  The system will calculate and display captured revenue, and the revenue potential from missing payments and citations of the monitored zone.  Additionally, the management platform shows real-time vacancy and occupancy, analyzes traffic and parking patterns, and enhances the monitored zone’s overall security. 


Say goodbye to traditional on-site parking enforcement

and upgrade to the next generation of AI automation.




Our Curbside Management solution empowers municipalities, optimize parking operations, reduce congestion, and improve mobility with our cutting-edge AI technology.



Maximize your surface lots potential with our AI parking solutions. Improve revenue, streamline operations, and increase safety for your community.



Revolutionize your city's loading zones with our AI parking solutions. Reduce traffic, increase efficiency, and improve mobility with our advanced technology.



Transform your city's rideshare management with our cutting-edge AI technology. Reduce congestion, improve safety, and streamline operations. Get started today.


Welcome to our solutions for the city curbside. As urban populations continue to grow, city curbs are becoming increasingly congested and difficult to manage. Our AI-based parking enforcement platform offers municipalities a comprehensive solution to manage parking and traffic on the curbside.

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